DB&IS Seminar SS 2018

Seminar on Recent Developments in Databases and Information Systems. 

To attend this seminar, students need to register according to the registration procedure explained below. After the end of the registration process, participants are selected and informed. Each selected student will get assigned one research paper that needs to be presented in a 45 minute talk at the end of the semester. Finally, also a short report (4 pages) about the presented paper needs to be submitted, latest two weeks after the presentation.


Information on the Registration Process

  • This seminar is offered in Summersemester 2018.
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Registration is not done on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In order to register, download this json template registration file, rename it to yourmatriculationnumber.json, edit it to reflect your information and send it as an attachment via email to Evica Milchevski (milchevski at cs.uni-kl.de). Use the paper ids from the following table to specify your preference for at least five papers. Please use your official university email account @cs.uni-kl.de or @rhrk.uni-kl.de to register and to send the email. 
  • Registration due March 31st (no extensions).
  • Soon after the end of the registration we will let you know whether or not you got a slot in the seminar.



Date News


Peer students assigned 


Kickoff meeting slides uploaded


Tentative seminar presentation dates published


Paper assignments published


Registration information published


 Important Dates and Deadlines

Date Event


Deadline for registration


Mandatory kickoff meeting at 14:00 in 36/336 


First meeting with the tutor is done and a 5000 - 5500 character summary of the paper is submitted.


Slides are finished


Peer-review feedback provided


Peer-review feedback incorporated and final presentation submitted

16.07 and 17.07.2018

Presentations in 36/336 (Tentative)


Final report is submitted



List of papers 

 Paper ID Paper Tutor Assigned to


Raja Appuswamy, Angelos Anadiotis, Danica Porobic, Mustafa Iman, Anastasia Ailamaki:
Analyzing the Impact of System Architecture on the Scalability of OLTP Engines for High-Contention Workloads. PVLDB 11(2): 121-134 (2017)

Prof. Theo Härder

Max Gilbert


Viktor Leis, Michael Haubenschild∗, Alfons Kemper, Thomas Neumann:
LeanStore: In-Memory Data Management Beyond Main Memory. ICDE 2018

Prof. Theo Härder

Tarik Krück 


 Yong Zhang, Xiuxing Li, Jin Wang, Ying Zhang, Chunxiao Xing, Xiaojie Yuan:
An Efficient Framework for Exact Set Similarity Search Using Tree Structure Indexes. ICDE 2017: 759-770
Evica Milchevski Kerstin Boergers


Xubo Wang, Lu Qin, Xuemin Lin, Ying Zhang, Lijun Chang:
Leveraging Set Relations in Exact Set Similarity Join. PVLDB 10(9): 925-936 (2017)

Evica Milchevski

Marcel Schütz


Yi Lu, Anil Shanbhag, Alekh Jindal, Samuel Madden:
AdaptDB: Adaptive Partitioning for Distributed Joins. PVLDB 10(5): 589-600 (2017)

Prof. Sebastian Michel

Artem Kanailov


Paris Carbone, Stephan Ewen, Gyula Fóra, Seif Haridi, Stefan Richter, Kostas Tzoumas:
State Management in Apache Flink: Consistent Stateful Distributed Stream Processing. PVLDB 10(12): 1718-1729 (2017)
Prof. Sebastian Michel Sebastian Lang 


Wei Chit Tan, Meihui Zhang, Hazem Elmeleegy, Divesh Srivastava:
Reverse Engineering Aggregation Queries. PVLDB 10(11): 1394-1405 (2017)

Kiril Panev

Patrick Hansert


Yongjoo Park, Ahmad Shahab Tajik, Michael J. Cafarella, Barzan Mozafari:
Database Learning: Toward a Database that Becomes Smarter Every Time. SIGMOD Conference 2017: 587-602
Evica Milchevski Maximilian van den Berg 


 Dolan Antenucci, Michael R. Anderson, Michael J. Cafarella:
A Declarative Query Processing System for Nowcasting. PVLDB 10(3): 145-156 (2016)

Prof. Stefan Deßloch 

Li Li 


  • Participants should have successfully attended the core lecture Datenbanksysteme (database systems) or equivalent.
  • Having attended the beginner's course Informationssysteme (information systems), or equivalent, is assumed anyway.




AG DBIS, TU Kaiserslautern