Welcome to the Websites of the Databases and Information Systems Group (DBIS) at the department of computer science at the University of Kaiserslautern. This group exists since 08/2014 and is lead by Prof. Sebastian Michel. Together with the research groups of Prof. Härder and Prof. Deßloch it is part of the Lehrgebiet Informationssysteme.

We work on performance and quality aspects of handling Big Data, specifically for rendering large amounts of heterogeneous and evolving data accessible to users. This connects research on advanced data analytics and data exploration. We work on the development of novel algorithmic solutions, system architectures, and data indexing schemes, using and extending core database concepts as well as data mining, information retrieval, and machine learning techniques. 


In the DFG-funded Pantheon project, we investigate means to assemble entity-centric rankings based on categorical as well as numerical facts reported in entities on the Web or in knowledge bases in particular. Another research branch deals with scaling out join computations for large-scale entity matching and in general theta joins.


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Jessica Andressa de Souza (Universidade de São Paulo)



Bachelor/Master Students

Stefan Braun

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Michael Mayer

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Nanda Odeyar C.V (KUKA)

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Thesis Offers

You are studying Computer Science at TU Kaiserslautern and are searching for possible topics of Bachelor's or Master's theses? You are interested in data management and data analysis techniques and have successfully attended respective lectures? Then do not hesitate to contact us directly!


Two Papers Accepted at WebDB and BeyondMR 2017 @ SIGMOD

Our paper on pruning and querying inverted indices got accepted at WebDB 2017@SIGMOD and our work on scaling out multi-way theta joins got accepted at BeyondMR 2017@SIGMOD. See you in Chicago in May!

Successful Project Proposal, funded by DFG

Good news: The German Research Foundation (DFG) has accepted our proposal to extend/prolong our research on entity rankings and data exploration within the Pantheon project.

Full Paper Accepted at BTW 2017

Our work on reverse engineering OLAP queries involging joins got accepted as a full paper at BTW 2017. See you in Stuttgart in March!

Upcoming Teaching in Winter Term 2016/17

In the upcoming winter term, we offer again our Information Systems (IS) Project, the Bachelor's course Datenbanksysteme (in German), as well as the joint DB&IS Seminar. The registration to the seminar, respectively for the project, is possible until September 30th.

Full Paper Accepted at SSDBM 2016.

Good news! Our work on Efficient Similarity Search across Top-k Lists got accepted as a full paper at SSDBM 2016. See you in Budapest!

Accepted Demo Paper at VLDB 2016.

A demonstration proposal of our PALEO system for database exploration got accepted at VLDB 2016, New Delhi, India.

Upcoming Lecture: Informationssysteme

Our lecture Informationssysteme is going to start soon. Check out its website for dates and regulations.

Upcoming Seminar in SS 2016: Registration Open

You can sign up for the seminar in summer term 2016 through this link until March 31st, 2016. More information here


Two more Publications at EDBT 2016.

We got two more publications on recent research results accepted as posters at EDBT.

"A Data Mining Approach to Choosing Categorical Attributes for Ranked Lists."

"Quantifying Likelihood of Change through Update Propagation across Top-k Rankings."

See you in March at EDBT 2016 in Bordeaux, France!

Full Paper Accepted at EDBT 2016

Our work on reverse engineering top-k database queries got accepted as a full paper at EDBT 2016.


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